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I'M STAYING AT A CUTE, family-run bed-and-breakfast – a homestay – on Ubud's trendy Jalan Goutama. A young member of the homestay's family tours her compound, blessing it with incense and rice and jepun-flower offerings in little hand-made palm-leaf boxes.

All is well in Bali's spiritual capital.

Suddenly there's a vague rattling – like a flapping door against loose banisters.

An antipodean female voice rises from the ground-floor bedroom.

– "Oh. Fack."

– "Oh fack. Please. Oh, ooh... faack... Fack! Ooh... fack! Fack! FACK-FACK-FACK! OOH, FACK!!... FAAAACK!!! OOOOH!!! FAAAAAAAACK!!!!"

The young Balinese girl, in sash and sarong, bends down to place the last of her morning's canang – her daily offerings – at the foot of the family temple.

None of the one-way orgasma-versation has registered on her beautiful, synchronised face.

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