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If coworking brings to mind shoveling up large beasts' mess in a farm shed, it may be that you've missed a hyphen.

Co-working has its fans and critics - but according to the Guardian Online, co-working spaces are springing up all over the world including Ubud's very own Hubud - or Hub-in-Ubud.

If you haven't dropped by Hubud yet, don't think for a second that it's going to look anything like the depressing-looking picture of a cubicle-zoo in the Guardian piece.

Hyper-relaxed and housed in a super-modern, two-floor bamboo-and-reclaimed-ironwood structure, it's been described by its dearest fans as an office-in-a-tree-house.

And the troupe of monkeys swinging about on the electricity cables outside provides great mind-candy while you wait for that next bolt of tech-start-up inspiration to hit you.

Starting at $50 a month for 25 hours of lightning-fast internet access, it's hard to beat. Regular talks, a ready-made community and workshops top up the package.

100 meters north-east of the entrance to Ubud's Monkey Forest, Hubud is within easy walking or cycling distance from anywhere in central Ubud.

Get connected, people.

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