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You can imagine the conversation between entrepreneur and marketing exec of a morning as they brainstorm a catchy new name for their fledgling Bali business. They're nearly there.

- "Sorry I'm late. D'traffic was all backed up."

- "Go out last night?"

- "Went to d'bar as usual. You?"

It's like an out-of-control fungal tropical rash.

Hungry? Try the ribs at D'Basket. Weary? Rest your head at D'Villa. Fancy getting wet? D'Scuba Club. Need that number? D'Bali Directory. Rub down? D'Boutique. Dirty shirt? D'Laundry. Or just throw in d'towel and get yourself hitched at Bali Tie D'Knot.

I mean, what's d'matter with dese people?

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