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Ronald Reagan promotes Chesterfield cigarettes for Christmas

Happy Christmas! Ronald Reagan promotes Chesterfield cigarettes – they're good for you, you know?

Ronald Reagan may have got some things right in his career - he was a surefire stand-up hit in 'Bedtime For Bonzo' - where he plays a psychology professor trying to teach human morals to a chimpanzee.

On second thoughts...

If you've been a slave to smoking, give it up. It's a load of monkey business. Give your body a rest, don't listen to Uncle Ronald, and start vaping. If you need convincing, read the illuminating Guardian article 'How e-cigarettes changed my life'.

I read it nine months ago, got hold of a solid vaping kit from the C-Style Vape Store on Jalan Raya Pengosekan in Ubud (next to the Pond Restaurant), and it changed my future for good. I went from a 35-year, 60-a-day habit to zero overnight.

My clothes don't stink anymore. I got my sense of taste and smell back. I don't go to bed thinking I might set my house on fire. My breath stopped smelling like a dog's bum, my life-long smoker's cough disappeared in two weeks, I stopped snoring, my voice came back, my energy levels trebled and I stopped worrying every day about dying of cancer.

The rub is that everyone thinks vaping is illegal in Indonesia - and it all stems from the country's Food and Drug Monitoring Agency making an ill-judged, off-the-cuff remark back in 2010.

But no law was passed. And it still hasn't.

Vaping in Indonesia remains 100% legal – and is now more popular than ever.

Which is why you can buy quality vaporizers, chargers, atomizers, spare batteries and e-liquid refills at C-Style Vape Store.

It's a pretty smoking deal.

And Ron, your acting sucked. You should have stuck to politics.

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