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The Old Bali Blog « 'Liger' killed after Bogor sex attack

Security guard asks woman to have sex with him in a lonely Bogor palace dwelling just outside Jakarta.

The woman refuses.

"I asked her to have sex with me", says villa security guard Slamet Pujiharto, 31. "When I forced her, she scraped my face, which upset me. So I ran and took a knife and then [censored]."

He's in the "Here's... Johnny!" category.

Now some of these guys' bosses are very rich.

They're good old boys who like to keep a few Komodo Dragons around the place – it makes them feel secure, provides a bit of eye-candy and helps cuts down on the organic composting.

Among other exotiques found on the 50 are (5,000 square metre) plot were an endangered Sumatran tiger, a Javan gibbon, a langur, a dusky leaf monkey, two siamangs, three Javan peacocks, four Timorese deer, gaggles of geese, various types of dog – sounds like a Christmas wish-list – and... a liger.

A liger.

Now that rhymes with 'tiger' – the hybrid offspring of a male lion and a tigress. Where did they make that? Surabaya Zoo? Can it get more Stephen King?

Aman - which means 'safe' in Indonesian – Sujiaman, BKSDA (Bogor Natural Resources Conservation Center) official, says of the debacle:

– "The presence of a new animal is not due to a natural cause, and it was because of human intervention. There are no regulations on it, so we would suggest for the liger to be terminated."

You'd think the poor thing would have made it onto the endangered list - there only being a handful in the world.

The highly endangered Sumatran tiger came off a bit lighter - he has friends in loftier forest canopies - and made it onto Noah's list. The WWF says that there are less than 400 left.

Give us one to adopt? Or send us the liger and I'll get my FroliCat™ Pounce™ Toy set up in the back garden.

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