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The Old Bali Blog « Lock up your daughters: Muslim FPI hardliners planning to raid Bali turned away by Police

A hundred of the extremist Islamic Men In White find themselves stranded in the East Javan port of Banyuwangi on their way to Bali for jihad and a misguided (but well-advised) puputan, or mass-suicide, in disgust at the immoral Miss World competition.

FPI frontman Sasmito asks his brothers: "Are you ready to clean Bali of sin?"

After 1,000 Mobile Brigade police officers turn them away, they head off for lunch in one of the most prostitute-heavy cities in the archipelago.

Meanwhile, rumours spread that another 5,000 of the pure-at-heart are swarming off Lombok for an Eastward invasion.

They just don't like tits. Time to lock up your daughters.

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