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The Old Bali Blog « Who let the cat out of the bag? Schapelle Corby granted parole from Kerobokan Prison

Schapelle Corby has been granted parole - after a nine-year jail-term in Kerobokan's 'Hotel K' for trying to smuggle 4.2 kilos of marijuana into Bali in her boogie-board bag.

The Australian media's going wild - chomping at the bit and ready to pay through the nose for the first interview and tell-us-everything story.

Schapelle's slidey sister Mercedes is on Bali and running the media auction - rumours of Aus$1-3 million aren't exaggerated.

They're set to do well.

It's a family affair - just like the drug business that, some might say, runs in their veins.

Schapelle's late father - as well as dealing in fish and chips on the Gold Coast - also ran a pot syndicate. The half-brother she was travelling with at the time of the boogie-board-bust was jailed in Queensland in 2006 for a drug-related home invasion, and fined for cocaine possession seven years later.

Sweet sibling Mercedes wasn't shy of stepping into the limelight and snagged a $50,000 bikini-shoot back home while her sister's stocks were still high - topping it off by suing Australia's Seven Network for airing drug abuse claims.

Very Neighbours.

I don't know about you, but I see a fuzzy picture emerging. Although Schapelle continues to plead her ignorance.

The Sydney Morning Herald has it:

'Which version of Schapelle Corby do you buy? Hapless beauty-school dropout. Persecuted Aussie tourist. Victim of a criminal conspiracy. Latter-day Joan of Arc. Lying drug mule. Ganja Queen. Tragic dupe of her pot-dealing father. Magazine cover girl with selling blue eyes. Small-time bogan dope trafficker... Barbecue stopper.'

The jury just left the building.

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