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The Old Bali Blog « High life, low life: Australian brothers Scott O'Hehir and Timothy O'Hehir from Perth guilty of GBH in Kuta, Bali

Two Australian brothers, Scott O'Hehir, 32, and Timothy O'Hehir, 27, were detained at Kuta Police station on Dec 19 2014 for urinating in a shop, urinating on a family shrine and then glassing the owner when he reprimanded them for their behaviour in the beach resort.

That's a bit like going to a graveyard and taking a leak on someone's grandma. It seems the brothers are going to be freed instead of doing five years for GBH - they got their wallets out and 'phoned daddy.

(Timothy lives in Singapore and works for Raffles Medical Group as a dentist; Scott O'Hehir lives in Perth, working as a director for Checkside - a human resources firm.)

After mediation, the 35-year-old local victim offered to forgive the two brothers as long as they paid for his medical bills, covered the cost of damaged belongings, and the cost of a Balinese-Hindu ceremony to re-purify the space after their night of debauchery and violence.

The patience of the Balinese people knows few limits.

Some quick advice for the Australian thugs: please try this in Lombok next time around.

I'd love to watch.

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