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The Old Bali Blog « Monster price-hike: Price of Indonesian gas/petrol rises by 33% overnight

18th November 2014: The price of petrol/gas went up by a staggering 30% overnight in Indonesia - from Rp.6,500 to Rp.8,500 a liter.

This follows a 33% hike in June 2013 when prices of everything - from building materials to food - cruised in its wake.

Don't be surprised when your daily food-shop at Ubud Market or Bintang suddenly becomes a whole lot more expensive - nobody's ripping you off, and nobody's taking the mickey.

When they stick on a fuel-price hike here, they do it big style. Transport, and daily package tours will also rise. Count on paying a minimum of Rp.300,000 from Ubud to the airport, and include a tip during anti-social hours.

Inflation is set to jump to 7,5% by the end of the year.

The only thing that doesn't follow are people's wages, which puts your average Balinese in a very tight spot.

Not much change there.

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