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The Old Bali Blog « Bali Nine or the Magnificent Seven? Australian drug traffickers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to be executed in Indonesia

DESPITE PLEAS FOR CLEMENCY from their families, it looks like the Indonesian Government is going ahead with the executions of two of the notorious Australian Bali Nine who've been on Death Row in Bali's Kerobokan Prison since 2005.

Five foreigners were shot by firing squad last month for drug offences, and it doesn't seem President Widodo is backing down. Like the illegal foreign fishing boats that steal thousands of tons of fish a day from Indonesian waters ("Just sink them"), Pak Jokowi is showing his heavy-duty side.

Joko doesn't dig drugs.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran - ringleaders of the plot, and made famous through Kathryn Bonella's tabloid-shock-horror book 'Hotel K' - will be transferred from the island to their respective firing squads as local powers-that-be don't want the blood spilled on Bali soil.

That would bring disharmony - and upset the tourists.

Indonesia's 'Alcatraz' - the maximum-security island-prison on Nusa Kambangan off Java - is the odds-on favourite.

Cue uproar from opponents of capital punishment at Facebook's 'Ubud Community'. But if it's going to happen, better 12 quick bullets to the heart than an agonising US-style botch-job with untested chemicals.

The bottom line is that they were guilty of trying to smuggle over eight kilos of heroin into Australia from Bali.

And let's remember - before more crocodile tears from concerned Australians and their government - that it was the Australian Federal Police who dobbed them in to their Indonesian counterparts, and hung them out to dry.

If anyone's got blood on their hands, it's the AFP.

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