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The Old Bali Blog « 8-year-old Engeline - 'Angeline' - murdered in Sanur, Bali

An eight-year-old girl, reported missing by her adoptive family on May 16, was found buried three weeks later in the garden of the family house beneath a chicken coop.

Despite a well-advertised Facebook campaign launched by the family - 'Find Angeline, Bali's Missing Child' - Engeline (also 'Angeline') had been brutally murdered and possibly raped. Fingers initially pointed to Agus, a domestic helper who reportedly confessed to the killing - he later retracted his statement, telling police that he had "just been joking about killing her".

Claims of continual physical abuse by Angeline's adoptive mother Margriet C. Megawe - along with blood spots found in Margareith's bedroom - are shifting the blame to her. Frequently beaten by her adoptive mother, often unwashed and hungry, Angeline was forced to walk the 2 kilometers to school and back on her own 'to make her more independent'.

The waters are muddied further with talk of Margriet's wealthy, long-dead American husband who had apparently willed 60% of his wealth to Angeline, his adoptive daughter. Agus the helper now claims that he didn't rape or murder the girl, but buried her under threats made by Margriet and with the offer of Rp.200 million - US$15,000 - hush money.

The case, which is on-going, has attracted a lot of public anger - with many calling for the death penalty.

Update: June 30 2015

After being named as a murder suspect by the police, Margriet has refused to co-operate with any further questioning by detectives. If convicted of murder, she faces 15 years in jail. If found guilty of pre-meditated murder, she may face the firing squad.

The case in on-going.

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