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The Old Bali Blog « Flights cancelled at Denpasar International Airport due to eruption of Java's Mount Raung

July 10 2015: All domestic and international flights have been cancelled to and from Denpasar International Airport due to a severe eruption of Mount (Gunung) Raung in nearby East Java - approximately 150 kms away.

Mount ('Gunung') Raung is one of Java's most active volcanoes, and is currently sharing the spotlight with Mount Sinabung which is also violently erupting on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and causing thousands of people to flee their homes.

Denpasar International Airport is forecast to be shut until at least Monday 13 July.

If your visa is about to run out and you don't want to pay the rp.300,000/day overstay fine - which could mount up - be sure to check in as normal on the day of your departure, go through immigration to collect your exit stamp, walk back through immigration when you're told that your flight won't be taking off for another week, and collect your new 30-day ticket to Bali on the way out.

Let's face it. There are worse places to be stranded than on the Island of the Gods. It's not exactly hell.

Unless of course you're not allowed back out from the airport, in which case you're going to spend a pretty uncomfortable night on those curvy little plastic seats.

Update: 12 July 2015 (am)

It appears Denpasar's airport has re-opened: but there's a twist. The Transport Minister has announced that:

"The airport is open now in Bali" - but added that it was not clear when flights would resume.

Well, that clears up a lot.

Update: 12 July 2015 (pm)

This just posted on Facebook's Ubud Community from a lucky flier:

"Flying to and from Bali is not safe yet!! My flight had to make an urgent U-turn right after few minutes they announced that we were about to land in Bali shortly and to make landing in Surabaya instead that took us 30 min! Another stranding. I'd already been stranded for two nights in Jogyakarta because of this volcanic eruption.

"Still thanking God that at least we made it safely to Surabaya a minute ago. Still panicking, but still hoping other flights could make it safe and sound due our unpredictable nature."

I think I'd rather ground myself for a few days and pay the overstay fine or delay my holiday.

When they say it's safe to fly, it... may not really be that safe to fly - through thick volcanic ash with fickle winds.

Have a think about it.

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