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Ubud's Best Restaurants, Cafes, Warungs and Food Delivery

UBUD IS BEST-KNOWN for its art-life. It's also fast becoming known for some of the tastiest local and international food in Asia. And for those days and nights when you don't want to leave your nest, just pick up the 'phone for that life-saving home delivery.

Ubud Food... Read on for our choice of Ubud's hippest cafes, healthiest restaurants, cutest warungs and the fastest home deliveries in town.

Prices and information updated: July 2018.

Restaurants, Italian pizzerias, cafes and home deliveries in Ubud, Bali

Restaurants, cafes, warungs and home deliveries in Ubud, Bali.
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» Warung Scooting Ubud ~ Freshly Grilled Pork, Duck, Chicken and Fish at Family Prices

✓ Affordable, fresh Balinese and Western cuisine; the freshest and cheapest ribs in town; healthy fruit juices; cheap, cold beer; warm family atmosphere; child-friendly; easy road access; recommended at Tripadvisor.

Warung Scooting Ubud's grilled pork ribs with french fries and salad

In Ubud, and in need of some serious grilled pork ribs, crispy duck or fried chicken – but tired of paying Western prices? Drop in to Warung Scooting Ubud – a family-run Balinese restaurant with family prices.

Warung Scooting Ubud is a brand new, Balinese family-run restaurant 50 metres west from Lungsiakan's famous expat-friendly Fly Cafe – and it specialises in simple, clean, tasty local Balinese and Western food.

Take your pick of the tables in the attractive joglo-style restaurant, or go local and choose a cosy bale next to the fish pond for a little extra privacy.

The beer's extra cold – at rp.38,000 for a large bottle, it's difficult to find a cheaper place in Ubud to sink a cool one – and the fresh, healthy tropical fruit juices will keep you rehydrated for the rest of the day.

Drop in and chill out.

↬ Jalan Raya Lungsiakan, Ubud, Bali | ☎ 081 246 774 696 | ♨ Classy, inexpensive local Balinese and Western cuisine

» Cafe Vespa ~ Penestanan, Southwest Ubud

✓ Non-smoking; child-friendly; excellent range of coffees, health teas and juices; on-site bakery; largely organically-sourced veg; wide vegetarian choice.

Good music, cosy, hip and nearby – but far enough from the madding crowd?

Try Cafe Vespa.

Apart from the wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options, their juices contain no ice, no sugar, no water – just juice. It also has some fine coffees – and an on-site bakery that will cook your breakfast croissants and tea-time cakes to a turn. Good wi-fi.

↬ Jalan Raya Penestanan, Ubud | ☎ 0361 973 034 | ♨ Hipstop Cafe ~ Restaurant ~ Bakery

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» Black Beach ~ Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria & Home Delivery, Central Ubud

✓ Great roof-top view of Ubud; top Italian food; organically-sourced veg; the best free cinema in Ubud; and a wide vegetarian choice.

Got a craving for fine Italian pizza and pasta in the heart of Ubud?

Black Beach is the best kind of Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Ubud – run by an Italian. Antonella's staff serve up home-cooked Italian food – from pizza and pasta and panini to some killer soups.

Good vegetarian and vegan options. Try the rooftop terrace upstairs to enjoy the fresh air, zero noise pollution and one of the best high-up, panoramic views of Ubud. Fast wi-fi upstairs and downstairs, and quite frankly the nicest waitresses you'll find all year.

With quick & reliable home delivery in the Ubud area from 11.30am to 9.30pm.

↬ Jl. Hanoman 5, Ubud | ☎ (0361) 971 353 | ♨ Italian Restaurant ~ Home Delivery

» Guling-Guling ~ Spit-Roasted Chicken Takeout/Takeaway and Home Delivery, Peliatan, Central Ubud

✓ The tastiest and cheapest roast chicken in Ubud; superb on-site bakery; top baguette sandwiches at silly prices.

If spit-roasted chicken's your thing, look no further. Succulent and hygienic, the Spanish-run Guling-Guling in Central Ubud serves up the best, and cheapest, roasters in town – Rp. 68,000 for a full 1,3kg number, or Rp.36,000 for a half. All of the bread is baked on-site – a ridiculous Rp.6,000 for the 42cm baguettes. Also burgers, hot-dogs, pizza and cakes.

Ring, or drop by: go east along Jl. Raya Ubud and take a right at the large Arjuna statue. Guling-Guling is 100 meters down on your left – it's painted bright yellow.

Fast home-delivery around Ubud from 8am to 9.45pm: Delivery charge: Rp.5,000.

↬ Jl. Cok Gede Rai No.16, Peliatan, Ubud | ☎ (0361) 970 306 | ♨ Takeaway ~ Home Delivery

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» The ARMA Thai Restaurant at The ARMA Resort ~ Peliatan, South Ubud

↬ Jalan Bima, Pengosekan/Peliatan, Ubud | ☎ (0361) 975 742 | ♨ Thai Restaurant ~ Home Delivery

If you want quality Thai food in the centre of Ubud but without the traffic, The ARMA Thai should be right at the top of your list. Set in the spacious and immaculately-kept grounds of the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), you can guarantee yourself a healthy dose of peace and tranquility as you munch through your baked king prawns.

Choose a private bale ('balay', or gazebo) in the sawah for some romantic face-time, or pick a table overlooking the gardens and river for that outdoor feeling – or simply sit inside the tasteful, beautifully-lit restaurant and wait for your food to be served.

While you're here, take a wander through the galleries of traditional and contemporary Balinese paintings or take in a quality evening dance performance at the open stage.

✓ Deliciously Thai – delicate and fresh with attentive service in an extremely peaceful environment.

Café Moka ~ Bakery, West Ubud

↬ In Bintang Supermarket, Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud | ☎ +62 (0)8533 911 92 22 | ♨ French-influenced Bakery ~ Café ~ Takeout ~ Home Delivery

Dizzy after a morning's shopping at Bintang Supermarket? Take the weight off your legs and have a sit-down at Café Moka right next door.

The bread's great and wouldn't be out of place in an Arles boulangerie – white & brown baguettes, multi-grain loaves, campagne rolls (pronounced 'campaign' by the sweeties behind the counter) and faithful pita bread.

Savoury snack? The Rosemary & Chicken or Spinach & Feta Cheese quiches will fill a gap. For the sweet-toothed, there's plenty that'll pack on the calories: cinnamon and danish rolls, donuts, muffins, apple chaussons or... the chocolate cake.

Give the staff a ring from home and they'll deliver to your door. Birthday cakes and party catering on request.

✓ Not for the diet-inhibited.

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Warung Sandat ~ Expat-friendly Restaurant, Central Ubud

↬ Jalan Sandat, Ubud | ♨ Affordable, Expat-friendly Restaurant

Warung Sandat is a meal-stop popular with Ubud's long-term expatriate crowd for two good reasons: Ibu Nyoman and Pak Yu consistently serve up extremely tasty, clean food at very low prices.

And it's not just the usual Indonesian favourites – the poulet à l'estragon and excellent grilled tuna steak are highly recommended, and the fish, chips and salad – at Rp.33,000 – is a sure bet. A large chicken salad with fresh lettuce, tomato and avocado will set you back all of Rp.12,000 – and the beer's cold.

You can't beat it.

Three minutes' walk east from Ubud market along Jalan Raya Ubud, Jalan Sandat is a small road climbing north on your left – if you get to the Botanical Garden road you've gone too far.

✓ The only choice for your cheapest, cleanest feed in Ubud.

The Melting Wok Warung ~ Cambodian-French Fusion Restaurant, Central Ubud

↬ Jalan Goutama (Gootama/Gautama) 13a, Ubud | ☎ 0813 397 303 63 | ♨ Cambodian-French Fusion Restaurant

There is no paper menu at The Melting Wok Warung: it's all on the daily-updated Special's boards. Booking is essential for a guaranteed evening meal.

To find The Melting Wok, walk south down Jalan Goutama in central Ubud – leaving Warung Siam Ubud and biah-biah on your left – and keep going down the hill to the bottom of the street. It's on the left with balcony upstairs. Open 10am-10pm.

Terrific food, and very popular with the French crowd.

Like any good inter-continental restaurant, she closes on Mondays.

✓ Go ahead and book. Now. Really.

biah biah ~ Balinese-Indonesian Tapas Café, Central Ubud

↬ Jalan Goutama 13b, Ubud | ☎ (0361) 978 249 | ♨ Balinese-Indonesian Tapas Café

A stone-skip down the street from Warung Siam Ubud on Jalan Goutama is biah biah – a cute and homey Bali number serving up Balinese tapas that your Buleleng mother-in-law would be proud of.

Chic street-side Western comfort with local food at prices you won't sniff at. Tapas-for-free-wi-fi come in tasty and cheap: Rp.7,000 for two spicy potato cakes (Bregedel Kentang), or Rp.8,000 for a munchy-defying portion of Bali's signature Babi Kecap (stir-fried pork with sweet soy sauce).

If you're still hungry, the authentic Indonesian-Balinese menu beckons. Solid vegetarian options and well-prepared local dishes include Nasi Goreng Terasi, Bihun Goreng, vegetable fried noodles and a varied Nasi Goreng – all with a background of sweet music and nice, gentle staff.

Calm street. Great spot to watch the world go by.

✓ Open daily from 11am to 11.30pm. Munch out like a local in total confidence.

Restaurants, Italian pizzerias, cafes and home deliveries in Ubud, Bali

Cafes, warungs, restaurants and home food-delivery in Ubud, Bali.
© 2017 Ubud High.

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