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Discover the culture of Bali through its unique, tempting food, and join a traditional Balinese cooking class in Ubud led by a local Master Chef. What are you waiting for? Get your apron on...

Learn how to cook your favourite Balinese dishes with a Balinese Master Chef in Laplapan Village, Ubud

Balinese Master Chef Made Lantra lets you in on the secrets of traditional Balinese cuisine – in a welcoming, homely setting overlooking the beautiful Petanu Ravine near Ubud.

First, you'll be given a tour of Ubud Market where you'll pick up all the ingredients you'll need for your cooking class – and after learning how to grind and roast your own coffee beans, you'll sip on one of the tastiest coffees you'll drink in your life as Pak Lantra lays out the secrets of traditional Balinese cooking.

Get your cooking aprons on and dive into the fragrant world of spicy sambal sauce, Pulung-Pulung Be Pasih Mekuah – freshly-minced fish in a lemongrass broth – and Tempe Kare – our in-house soya bean curry.

Get hot over the barbecue as you grill your free-range chicken, throw together a world-class peanut sate (satay) sauce and finish it off with a Pisang Rae – a sweet dessert of boiled local banana, grated coconut and natural palm sugar.

Your Cooking-Class Menu with Made Lantra

Pulung-Pulung Be Pasih Mekuah
Freshly minced freshwater fish in a lemongrass broth
Serombotan Bali
Assorted local vegetables with grated spices
Be Siap Mepanggang Sambel Ulek
Barbecue-grilled free-range chicken with our in-house sambal sauce
Sate Lilit Be Pasih
Spicy minced fish on a skewer
Tempe Kare
Chef's Special soya bean curry
Pepes Babi
Pork wrapped in banana leaf
Sambal Olek
Spicy Balinese barbecue sauce
Sambal Matah
Lemongrass sauce
Pisang Rae
Boiled Saba banana with grated coconut and palm sugar
Nasi Putih
Organically-grown, steamed white rice cooked to a turn

All of your hard work won't be for nothing – take the weight off your feet at the end of the cooking class and munch out on everything you've just made. And remember to cook your favourite Balinese recipes for your next dinner party – and impress your friends and family when you get home...

Price ~ Traditional Balinese Cooking Class in Ubud

1 person * Rp.300,000

* Please note that there is a minimum of two people per cooking class.

* All ingredients and drinks are included in the price.

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